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Pay Range:
$65 to $75 / Per Hour
Job Grade:
1 year
Apply by: 2018-05-18 Published: 2 weeks ago

Are you ready to join a world-class corporate university and take on the challenge of reaching over 160,000 learners worldwide?

The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) is a world-class corporate university, advancing the use of technology in all areas of education, training, consulting and knowledge sharing.

The professional faculty and staff at DAU work in a strong team environment to continuously improve the ways we help our customers learn by delivering the right knowledge and skills at the point of need.

Come join this dynamic team use your expertise to make a real impact in the acquisition community.

This is NOT a full-time position and the position does not have a recurring work schedule.

Intermittent positions enable the University to meet a broad range of customer requirements, including surge, applying diverse acquisition and leadership experience.

There is no minimum guarantee of hours of work for an intermittent position and the total hours that may be worked in a 12-month period may not exceed 1000 hours.

The number of hours that are available to be worked in a position during a 12-month period will be subject to negotiation between the University and the applicant.

Requirements for fulfilling the duties of intermittent faculty of acquisition management include: At least a Master's Degree in a field related to technical, business, finance, or economics At least fifteen years' experience in a US Defense Service or the defense industry that include duties: At a senior executive-level (Program Manager, Program Executive Officer, Deputy Program Manager, or Corporate, Senior, or Executive Vice President).

Experience in one of the following areas: Management of a profit/loss organization Comptrollership or Financial Management Contract management as the Head of a Contracting Agency Strategic Planning Headquarters experience in an acquisition command charged with making programmatic decisions Desirable qualifications/experiences can include one or more of the following: Experience instructing at the collegiate-level.

A background including authoring academic and media publications about: The defense industry Defense management practices The defense market place and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Experience dealing with the Wall Street analysts providing coverage of the major publicly traded defense companies.

Based on information provided in your application/resume, the panel will determine if you possess one or more of the above experience requirements.

The panel will then assess the depth and breadth of your experience in the following specific areas: Acquisition and Leadership Experience: Experience in Defense Acquisition policy, processes and practices, including management and leadership of acquisition program and activities (such as science and technology), oversight of Defense acquisition programs, and development of Defense acquisition policy.

Experience in leading and managing large, complex projects and organizations is desired.

Knowledge and experience in more than one functional are is also desired.

Executive Level Teaching: Teaching and facilitation based on adult learning theory and practice, primarily with senior military officers and senior Department of Defense civilians; ability to communicate complex material and convey relevant professional experience in support of learning objectives to students with diverse backgrounds and experience; maintain a high level of student interest and engagement; assess student learning; Advanced Leadership Program Development and Delivery: Delivery of advanced leadership development concepts.

These spam the gamut from individual leadership assessment including tools such as MBTI, Emotional Intelligence and KOLBE and leadership feedback into exercising more advanced approaches such as Systems Thinking, Boundary Spanning and Leading Change to Strategic and Global Leadership.

Curriculum Development and Management: Develop and manage curriculum for delivery in a classroom, at a customer site/office, by video teleconference, and/or online, employing commonly accepted instructional design principles and processes; execute Learning Asset Management responsibilities in accordance with DAU directives.

Consulting: Consulting services, including (for example) participation or leadership of studies of acquisition projects or organizations, strategic planning and change management, process improvement, problem solving, coaching, and leadership and management of large teams or complex organizations; engagement frameworks include one-on-one and small team consulting, as well as planning and facilitation of workshops.

Research and Knowledge Sharing: Conduct and document acquisition related research, individually or as a member of a team, and accomplish knowledge sharing/dissemination of research results; also, develop and contribute other relevant knowledge artifacts for use in DAU courses and by communities of interest or practice.