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$7.53 / Per Hour
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Apply by: 2018-05-30 Published: 1 month ago

The Area of Consideration for this vacancy announcement is not limited to those within the local commuting area, all interested parties are encouraged to apply.

(Military Spouse Preference (MSP) and Involuntarily Separated Military Preference (ISMP) eligible candidates are included in the area of consideration.) Fort Leavenworth Family, and MWR's Recreation Division is offering a wonderful opportunity to become a certified Lifeguard with the possibility to gain employment with the Aquatics Division.

Lifeguard Certification takes only 36 hours to complete, usually on the weekends, and is offered at Harney Sports Complex, 185 Fourth Street, Fort Leavenworth.

Course dates and times are determined by the number of participants who have registered and paid for the course.

The cost for the course is $165, reimbursed on the first day of employment if participant applies for, is selected for, and completes all the pre-employment requirements for the Lifeguard position, as well as a $40 book fee (returned to the student if the book does not leave the complex during the course).

For more information on the Certification Course, please contact Harney Sports Complex at (913) 684-2190.

All inquiries concerning employment must be directed to the NAF Civilian Personnel Office listed on the announcement.

Fort Leavenworth Family and MWR (FMWR) is recruiting for flex/intermittent Lifeguards to support their aquatics program.

The FMWR at Fort Leavenworth offers social, fitness, recreational, educational, and other programs and activities that enhance community life, foster soldier and unit readiness, promote mental and physical fitness, and generally provide a working and living environment that attracts and retains quality for active duty Soldiers, Family members, Retirees and the Civilian workforce.

Applicants should ensure they are available to work scheduled hours that could include early mornings, daytime, evenings, nights, weekends, and possible holidays.

Must possess the following certificates: American Red Cross "Lifeguard" certification or nationally recognized equivalent (i.e.

Ellis & Associates Lifeguard Certification).

American Red Cross "Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation for the Professional Rescuer" (CPR-Pro) certification or nationally recognized equivalent (i.e.

Ellis & Associates (CPR) Certification) Applicants can be enrolled in the Fort Leavenworth Lifeguard Certification course for application purposes.

Proof of enrollment must be included with application; course must be successfully completed before a start date can be determined.

**Lifeguard Certification and CPR certificate or proof of enrollment in the Fort Leavenworth Lifeguard course must be included with application to be considered complete.

Incomplete applications will receive no further consideration for employment.** **Enrollment in the Lifeguard Certification course does not guarantee employment with Leavenworth Family, and MWR Aquatics programs.

Interested parties must apply for, be selected for, and complete all pre-employment background and physical requirements.**

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