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Pay Range:
$65 / Per Hour
Job Grade:
1 year
Apply by: 2018-03-22 Published: 3 months ago

This is an Intermittent position.

The number of hours required and the timeframe to be worked will be negotiated at the time of selection.

This position does not have a normal schedule, but will be used to enable the University to meet various changes and surges in requirements.

There is no minimum guaranteed hours of work for an intermittent position, and the total hours that will be required will not exceed 1,000 hours per contracted year.

Are you ready to help a world-class university take on the challenges of reaching over 150,000 learners worldwide?

The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) is the recognized leader as a corporate university, advancing the use of technology in all areas of education.

The professional faculty and staff at DAU work in a strong team environment to continuously improve the ways we help our students learn by delivering the right knowledge and skills at the point of need.

Come join this dynamic team using your expertise to make a real impact in the acquisition community.

Objective: We are seeking contracting experts within the Department of Defense who have a demonstrated ability for teaching what they know.

Well qualified candidates will have experience in multiple areas, such as services, supplies, construction, architect-engineer services, research & development, major systems, and contingency contracting.

Well qualified candidates will also have experience in various locations, and working for different DoD agencies.

For optimal consideration, please ensure your resume reflects the below evaluation criteria for this vacancy.

Contracting Experience: Describe in detail, the depth and breadth of your contracting experience.

This includes an understanding of the latest changes/issues (commercialization, partnering with industry, teaming, etc.) and the contracting professional's role as a business advisor to the customer.

An in depth knowledge of contract pre-award and post award management activities (to include acquisition planning, solicitation preparation, source selection, and contract administration) is required for this position.

This element includes experience in and knowledge of techniques and approaches required to organize and implement good contract management practices, with an understanding of both the theoretical and practical aspects of contract management.

The applicant must show evidence of experience as a Contracting Officer, Contracting Specialist, Contract Administrator or Procurement Analyst within the government or industry.

Required to have a minimum of 3 years' experience as a warranted contracting officer or industry equivalent.

Required to have demonstrated experience and expertise in the content and application of the FAR, DFARS, and PGI.

Required to have experience with multiple contract types and both commercial and non-commercial acquisition procedures.

Foundational Learning (Teaching): Ability to teach and facilitate adult learning.

This includes: the ability to communicate (orally and in writing) complex managerial material to students with different backgrounds and experiences; a proficiency in delivery methods such as guided discussions, short lectures, role plays, problem-based learning (PBL) and case studies; the ability to incorporate the learner's experience into the learning process along with the ability to motivate learners to participate actively in the learning process; and the ability to organize information.

Typical courses are 1, 2, or 4 weeks in duration.

Instruction is provided both on campus and off-site, which will require travel (TDY).

Performance Learning (Consulting): Ability to consult with DoD clients at various levels of authority from mid-grade to general officers/SES, including but not limited to areas related to both pre- and post-award contracting/acquisition to include the ability to assist in guiding acquisition strategy development, the acquisition planning process, source selection and contract administration.

Learning Asset Management: Ability to manage or develop both in-residence and online learning assets/products for the contracting career field or other DoD Acquisition Workforce members.

This ability must include the continuous assessment, currency, and quality of these artifacts.

Describe any experience with distance learning, continuous learning modules and communities of practice.

Leadership and Resource Management: Identify and describe both your leadership and management experience in contracting organizations within the DoD and/or private sectors; include team leadership as well as supervisory leadership.

Describe your experience with the management of an organization's resources relating to its programs and operations.

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