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Pay Range:
$74,228 to $96,496 / Per Year
Job Grade:
Apply by: 2018-01-25 Published: 6 months ago

TEXAS MILITARY DEPARTMENT DUTY: Bear true faith and allegiance to the state and nation; cultivate an environment for all to excel; prepare mentally, physically and spiritually to deploy at home and abroad.

HONOR: Hold the public trust in the highest regard; exceed standards and expectations; act with understanding, innovation, resourcefulness, flexibility and urgency.

Do all you can, where you are, with what you have and always place the welfare of those you lead first.

TEXAS: Embrace the courageous spirit of our people, history and culture.

This position is located in G6, Camp Mabry, TX.

The purpose of this position is to engineer (plan, design, develop, test, implement, support and maintain) applications and serve as the technical expert for application development.

Appointment Factor(s): This is an Excepted Service position that requires active membership in a compatible military assignment in the Texas Army National Guard and wear of the military uniform.

Applicants who are not currently a member of the Texas Army National Guard must be eligible for immediate membership and employment in the Texas Army National Guard.

If you are not sure you are eligible for military membership, please visit or contact a Texas Army National Guard recruiter before applying for this position.

Areas of Consideration: Nationwide Excepted.

This includes: All currently employed full-time permanent, indefinite and temporary personnel of the Texas Army National Guard.

All current members of the Texas Army National Guard and individuals eligible for membership in the Texas Army National Guard.

Incentives: Acceptance of a military Federal technician position may result in termination and / or repayment of military incentives.

Please check your contract and contact your servicing Education Services (Incentives) office or the Recruiting/Retention office.

Rank Spread: Enlisted: E1 to E9; Warrant Officer: WO1 to CW5; Officers: O1 to O4 Remarks: The incumbent shall comply with the requirements of the certification program and will be required to obtain certification.

Certification requirements are outlined in DOD Instruction 8570.01-M.


This is a Bargaining Unit position.

The Texas National Guard is an Equal Opportunity employer.

Veteran's preference is not applicable in this position.

Texas National Guard Job Opportunities

Specialized Experience Required To qualify at the GS-12 grade level your resume must include relevant experience with beginning and ending dates of employment/experience reflecting at least 36 months experience, education, or training that approaches techniques and requirements appropriate to an assigned computer application area or computer specialty area in an organization.

Experience planning the sequence of actions necessary to accomplish the assignment where this entailed coordination with others outside the organizational unit and development of project controls.

Experience that required adaptations of guidelines or precedents to meet the needs of the assignment.

Experience preparing documentation on cost/benefit studies where is involved summarizing the material and organizing it in a logical fashion.

Nationwide (see Open Areas of Consideration), Army National Guard Membership is Required

Military Base(s)