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$11.75 to $14.39 / Per Hour
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Apply by: 2018-02-22 Published: 4 months ago

The Area of Consideration for this vacancy announcement is not limited to those within the local commuting area, all interested parties are invited to apply.

(Military Spouse Preference (MSP) and Involuntarily Separated Military Preference (ISMP) Preference eligible candidates are included in the area of consideration.) Fort Leavenworth is located in the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area.

The immediate area is considered a national treasure with historic sites and homes filled with small-town charm and friendliness merged with Kansas City retail, attractions and entertainment.

Kansas City, well known for its BBQ, Jazz and fountains, is rich in culture with a thriving performing arts scene.

Honored as one of the World's 15 Most Beautiful Concert Halls, the Kauffman Center attracts some of the world's most renowned performers and entertainers.

For the sports enthusiasts, Kansas City hosts professional sports with the Royals, Chiefs and Sporting Kansas City soccer club.

An international airport is conveniently located within a 30 minute drive of Fort Leavenworth.

More information may be found at or Child, Youth & School Services are essential family programs which directly support the military lifestyle and reduce the conflict between parental responsibilities and mission requirements.

We strive to meet the needs of our patrons and the installation mission through these systems: 1) Child Development Services (Child Development Centers & Family Child Care) 2) School Age Center 3) Youth Services 4) Parent Outreach Services These services are a supplement and support to our families who are the primary agents in the care and development of their children.

CYS Services offers a range of age appropriate opportunities and activities for children and youth ages 4 weeks to 18 years.

Applicants can be selected for any facility with a vacancy at time of application.

For Entry Level (CY-01), candidate must: Possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent (proof of education will be required before entry on duty) Be able to communicate in English (written and verbal) For Target Level (CY-02), candidate must: Possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent Be able to communicate effectively in English, both written and verbal Possess 18 months experience working in a group program with children or youth, plus Army or other military service Foundation Level Training as evidenced by service-issued Certificate of Completion (Certificate must be uploaded with application.) OR Possess 18 months of experience working in a group program with children or youth, plus an associate's degree or at least 60 semester ours of college credit which included a major course of study (24 semester hours) with content directly related to the age group to which assigned, for example: Child Development Centers: Early Childhood Education/Child Development, Elementary Education, Special Education; School Age: Elementary Education, Child Development, Youth Development, Special Education; Youth Services: Youth Development, Secondary Education, Human Development, Youth Program Administration, Recreation, Physical Education, or directly-related behavioral or cultural science (developmental psychology, child psychology/sociology, sociology of the family, gender identity, parenting.

General psychology/sociology coursework is not qualifying.) OR One of the following: A bachelor's degree or at least 120 completed semester hours which included a major course of study (24 semester hours) with content as indicated above.

Possess and maintain one of the following directly related to the age group of the position to which assigned: Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential, Military School Age Credential, Army Youth Practicum, or other nationally recognized Youth Development Credential.

All qualifying criteria (transcripts, CDA, Army credentials, etc.) must be uploaded with application.

If you are unsure of your qualification level, it is encouraged that you select CY-01 as your lowest acceptable grade.

Include all required documents (transcripts, CDA, training certificates, etc.), if it is determined you meet the CY-02 Target Level requirements, you will be brought on board at the higher Target level.

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