Pay Range:
$29,356 to $155,073 / Per Year
Job Grade:
Apply by: 2018-11-30 Published: 7 months ago

Are you a current, permanent SSA employee interested in reassigning to another geographic location?

If so, use this announcement to submit your availability for positions and locations under the SSA-4100 provision.

Your application will be retained for positions for which you are qualified for one (1) year, during which time you may be considered for a noncompetitive reassignment, temporary promotion not-to-exceed 120 days, or change-to-lower-grade if there is a management need to fill position in the location(s) you select.

Please note that employees who submit their SSA-45s to this file are not entitled to selection and your application will not automatically be considered for positions posted under SSA's Internal Vacancies Online (IVOL) process.

Employees interested in positions posted under IVOL must apply for those positions separately from this announcement.

AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Current permanent SSA employees.

Applications will be accepted from SSA employees serving under Schedule A, Reg.

213.3102(u), Veterans Recruitment Appointments, and time-limited appointments for 30% or more disabled veterans.

LOCATIONS: Applicants may indicate their interest for positions located in SSA's Boston Region (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island).

NOTES: Employees in the excepted service cannot convert to the competitive service by way of this announcement.

If selected, excepted service employees will be reassigned to another position in the excepted service.

Employees may be subject to an additional security investigation if selected for a position with a higher sensitivity level.

Employees may not be selected for reassignment to positions with higher promotion potential than the full performance level of their current position.

The SSA-45 will be used to determine if employees meet the qualification requirements for the position(s) in which they are interested.

Agency Employees Only