Pay Range:
$32,844 to $63,517 / Per Year
Job Grade:
Multiple Schedules
Multiple Appointment Types
Apply by: 2018-11-06 Published: 6 months ago

This assessment has been sent to you for testing administration purposes to continue being considered for a position for which you have been tentatively selected.

According to the Luevano Consent Decree, candidates being considered for certain positions must take the Administrative Careers With America assessment or equivalent and receive a passing score.

You will have 3 business days to submit your application for consideration.

Notice of Results will not be sent to applicants who complete this assessment.

Please contact your local Human Resources Office if you have any questions about the actual position and pay for which you are being considered.

The selectee for this position will serve as a Historian for the DEPARTMENT OF THENAVY.

Selectees are appointed to a position with promotion potential (e.g. selected at the GS-5 grade with potential to the GS-11).

Incumbents may be non-competitively promoted to the next higher grade level after meeting all regulatory requirements, and upon the recommendation of management.

Promotion is neither implied nor guaranteed.

In order to qualify for this position, your resume must provide sufficient experience and/or education, knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties of the specific position for which you are being considered.

Your resume is the key means we have for evaluating your skills, knowledge, and abilities as they relate to this position.

Therefore, we encourage you to be clear and specific when describing your experience.

Basic Education Requirements for GS-05 and above: Your resume must also demonstrate that you have successfully completed a degree in history; or related field that included at least 18 semester hours in history OR a combination of education and experience: courses equivalent to a major in history, or a major in a related field that included at least 18 semester hours in history, plus appropriate experience or additional education.

GS-07: Your resume must also demonstrate that you have successfully completed one full year of graduate level education OR you have have successfully completed a bachelor's degree with superior academic achievement OR you have at least one year of specialized experience at or equivalent to the GS-05 grade level or pay band in the Federal service or equivalent experience in the private or public sector exercising judgment in determining the relative importance of the facts developed, and selectivity in confining the presentation to those facts which represent "highlights" of events OR you have a combination of education and experience that equates to one year of experience.

Additional qualification information can be found from the following Office of Personnel Management web site: To preview this questionnaire and determine if your experience matches the skills required for this position, click on the following link:

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