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Pay Range:
$66,510 to $123,234 / Per Year
Job Grade:
Full Time
This is a permanent position.
Apply by: 2017-12-30 Published: 9 months ago

JOB DESCRIPTION: IT Software Developers analyze customer and system requirements, evaluate alternative approaches, design and develop solutions tailored to specific Agency, systems, and customer requirements, and lead the testing and integration of new and modified solutions into the system.

They review and provide guidance on software developed by vendors; test software developed internally and by vendors; and quickly respond to urgent situations to develop and deliver unique solutions to customer problems.

They plan and design systems architecture, write and maintain software program documentation, investigate and evaluate new software technologies, and ensure the rigorous application of information security/information assurance policies, principles, and practices to the delivery of application software services.

DESIRABLE QUALIFICATION CRITERIA: In addition to the mandatory qualifications, experience in the following is desired: Pay Band 2: 1.) Programing experience in C, C++, Python, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript or Java; 2.) Software development principles, methods, and tools for designing, developing, coding, testing and deploying software; experience working in an agile environment.

Pay Band 3: 1.) Solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies in data structures, algorithms, logic/computation, and software design; 2.) Skills in AJAX, JavaScript, database design, SQL, and/or knowledge of TCP/IP and network programming; 3.) Cloud design principles, system design and engineering principles, methods, and tools for integrating components (e.g., network equipment, protocols, telephony) into a functional system or prototype; 4.) Computer/network security concepts/principles, theories, and methods for the design, development, analysis, testing, and securing of computer networks; 5.) Experience with Geographical/Spatial Information Systems, Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure, web applications and/or large systems software design and development, with extensive knowledge of Unix/Linux.

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