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Pay Range:
$26.59 to $31.09 / Per Hour
Job Grade:
Full Time
Excepted Service Permanent
Apply by: 2017-08-25 Published: 11 months ago

Area of Consideration: Open only to current Georgia Air National Guard members(SSgt/E-5-MSgt/E-7)assigned to165 AW.Position Location: 165 AMXS, Garden City, GA.

Permanent Change of Station (PCS): PCS not authorized.

Relocation Incentive: Relocation Incentive not authorized.Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP): Acceptance of a Federal Excepted technician position of over 179 days in length will cause termination from the Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP).

Type of Appointment: This is a full-time, Excepted Permanent dual-status, position which requires Georgia Air National Guard membership.

Job Summary: This position is located within a National Guard aircraft maintenance organization.

Its purpose is to act as the crew chief with responsibility for directing the total maintenance effort on individually assigned aircraft.

The work involves the total maintenance of complex, high performance military aircraft, ranging from multi-purpose, multi-engine transports to the most modern sophisticated fighters and bombers.

Responsible for providing detailed technical insight on individual aircraft’s level of Mission Capability, develops and recommends a comprehensive course of action to maintain the aircraft at Full Mission Capability.

.Background Check: Selectee may, at the option of the agency, be required to submit to criminal, credit history, and general background checks which will be evaluated by the agency prior to a final offer of employment and access into the Georgia National Guard Federal Technician or Active Guard/Reserve program.National Guard Membership: This position requires military membership.

It is designated for Georgia Air National Guard Enlisted incumbent(s) only.

In accordance with ANG regulations, incumbent performs duties necessary to accomplish military TAG:Position Title functions in support of programs essential to state Air National Guard daily operations, training and readiness missions.As a member of a Georgia Air National Guard unit, you will be required to train with your unit, normally one weekend a month and 15 days of annual training each year.

Georgia Air National Guard units and members are subject to immediate call to federal or state active duty to meet national or state emergencies.

General Experience: Applicant must have experience or training that has provided the candidate with the skill to remove and replace aircraft parts, accessories, and components, and to make adjustments and settings according to established specifications.Must be skilled in the use of hand tools and test equipment.

Specialized Experience: Applicant must have 18 months of specialized experience installing, adjusting, aligning, troubleshooting and functionally testing the various major and minor mechanical and pneudraulic systems on an aircraft during overhaul or modification.

Experience coordinating the work of other mechanics, and scheduling maintenance to ensure completion of critical actions and optimum workflow.

Must have the ability to instruct lower graded mechanics, military and other personnel in the disassembly and re-assembly of crash damaged engines, transmissions, gearboxes, hydraulic components, and fuel controls sufficient for the exhibit to be returned to its shipping container.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs): Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will be further evaluated by the Selecting Official based on the following KSAs considered essential to perform the duties and responsibilities of this position.

Skill to perform diversified work utilizing tools and precision test equipment requiring accuracy in maintaining close dimensions.

Ability to inspect, identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot mechanical deficiencies and determine remedy, and extent of repair in expediting the return to mission capable status.

Knowledge to interpret instructional material, schematics, technical orders, and specifications for complex mechanical problems on assigned aircraft.

Skill to use and maintain tools and support equipment required for aircraft inspection, servicing and repair.Ability to plan, direct and control complex tasking during inspections, repair and generation of assigned aircraft for involvement of multiple activities simultaneously based on priorities, workload, availability ofmaterials, facility and personnel.

Abiltiy to develop, plan, monitor, and conduct on-the-job training of repair techniques and safe maintenance practices to a multi facet workforce.

Knowledge of AFTO 781 series aircraft forms, aircraft documentation, and web based maintenance data collection systems.

Open only to current Georgia Air National Guard members (SSgt/E-5-MSgt/E-7) assigned to 165 AW.

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