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Pay Range:
$90,023 to $117,028 / Per Year
Job Grade:
Full Time
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Air Reserve Technicians (ARTs) are part of the regular civil service and enjoy all the benefits granted to Federal employees in the competitive civil service.

In addition, ARTs are required to maintain active membership in an Air Force Reserve unit so long as they occupy Air Reserve Technician positions.

As members of reserve units, ARTs receive on average one weekend of military training per month.

In addition, they are eligible for 15 days active duty tour each year for which military leave is granted with full civilian pay.

Air ForceReserve units and members are subject to immediate call to active duty in mobilization to meet a national emergency.



Retired military are usually ineligible for membership in the Air Force Reserve.

Retired military personnel who have active Air Force Reserve assignments may apply provided they show assignment (position and unit) on their application.

The Government’s most important asset is its people.

All applicants must have the combination of professional education and experience in meeting the basic requirements below.Basic Education: Completion of a Bachelor's degree in professional engineering from an accredited college/university.

For more information on education requirements, please refer to website Applicants may substitute the above basic education requirement for an alternate requirement of at least 4 years of college-level education, training, and/or technical experience that furnished: (1) a thorough knowledge of the physical and mathematical sciences underlying professional engineering, and (2) a good understanding of the engineering science and techniques and their application to one of the branches of engineering.

This must be equivalent to that provided by a full 4-year professional engineering curriculum, as described in the basic requirement.

The adequacy of such background must be demonstrated by one of the following: 1. Current registration as a professional engineer.

2. Having successfully passed the Engineer-in-Training Examination, or the written test for professional registration.

3. Successful completion of at least 60 semester hours of courses in physical, mathematical, and engineering sciences and in engineering.

These must have included courses specified in the basic requirement.

4. Successful completion of a full 4-year or longer related curriculum leading to a bachelor's or higher degree in an appropriate professional field provided applicant has at least 1 year of professional engineering experience in a civil engineering or construction related engineering capacity.

You must have one year (52weeks) of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-11 grade levelor qualifying pay band under other pay systems in the federal service whichhasgiven youthe particular knowledge, skills, and abilities as shown below required to successfully perform the duties of this position.

This experience involves directing the daily activities of assigned personnel engaged in construction, engineering, and services operations m and administering the overall mission of the engineering and services readiness program to train and develop a ready engineering force.

(To be creditable, specialized experience must meet the above quality level requirements).

(1) Knowledge of multidisciplinary professional engineering concepts, principles, practices, standards, methods, techniques, materials, and equipment and RED HORSE (RH), Prime BEEF (PB) training program requirements and operations supporting CE readiness.

(2) Thorough knowledge of analytical and evaluative methods and procedures and skill in evaluating program operations to develop comprehensive plans and reports and to analyze work processes and continually improve them to meet organizational requirements.

(3) Ability to plan, organize, and direct the functions andmentor, motivate, and apprise the staff of an organization appropriately working through subordinate supervisors and staff members.(4) Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing, make sound decisions regarding program areas, negotiate complex isssues, maintain good order, discipline and working relations.Note: Due to the nature of the position, it is important to provide a complete break out of your civil engineering or construction related projects and detailed description of your technical engineering functions performed for each project per experience period.Note: Foreign education must be evaluated by an approved organization.

The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying(NCEES) is the only credentials evaluations service in the United States specializing in the assessment ofengineers educated outside the U.S. For more information onNCEES, please refer to thewebsite at, include an English translation of the foreign transcript.

However,you do not need an evaluation if your degree was accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC)of Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology(ABET) at the time of your graduation.If you are not sure whether your degree program is EAC-accredited, you can search for it at ABET's website: Substitution of Education for Experience: None

Applicants must be United States Citizens and be eligible and willing to join the USAF Reserve.

For questions concerning military eligibility please contact the Air Force Reserve Qualification Center at 1-800-257-1212.

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