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Pay Range:
$21.43 to $49.95 / Per Hour
Job Grade:
Full Time
Multiple Appointment Types
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WG-5700 - Transportation/Mobile Equipment Operation Family5701 - Transportation/Mobile Equipment Operation Helper/Trainee5703 - Motor Vehicle Operating5704 -Fork Lift Operating5705 -Tractor Operating5716 -Engineering Equipment Operating5725 -Crane OperatingWG-5800 - Transportation/Mobile Equipment Maintenance Family5801 - Transportation/Mobile Equipment Maintenance Helper/Trainee5803 - Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic5823 -Automotive MechanicWG-6500 - Ammunition, Explosive, And Toxic Materials Work Family6501 - Ammunition, Explosive and Toxic Materials Helper/Trainee6511 - Missile/Toxic Materials HandlingWG-6600 - Armament Work Family6641 - Ordnance Equipment Mechanic6652 -Aircraft Ordnance Systems Mechanic6656 - Special Weapons Systems MechanicWG-6900 - Warehousing And Stock Handling Family6901 - Warehousing and Stock Handling Helper/Trainee6904 - Tools and Parts Attending6907 -Materials Handling6910 -Materials Expediting6912 - Materials Examining and Identifying6913 –Hazardous Waste DisposingWG-7000 - Packing And Processing Family7002 - Packing7006 -Preservation Servicing7009 -Equipment CleaningWG-7400 - Food Preparation And Serving Family7404 - Cooking7408 -Food Service WorkingWG-8200 - Fluid Systems Maintenance Family8201 - Fluid Systems Maintenance Helper/Trainee8255 - Pneudraulic Systems Mechanic8268 -Aircraft Pneudraulic Systems MechanicWG-8600 - Engine Overhaul Family8601 - Engine Overhaul Helper/Trainee8602 - Aircraft Engine MechanicWG-8800 - Aircraft Overhaul Family8801 - Aircraft Overhaul Helper/Trainee8810 - Aircraft Propeller Mechanic8840 -Aircraft Mechanical Parts Repairing8852 -Aircraft MechanicRefer to theFWS qualifications link for additionalinformation:

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