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Pay Range:
$49,765 to $64,697 / Per Year
Job Grade:
Full Time
Apply by: 2017-05-07 Published: 1 year ago

NATIONAL GUARD MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED : This is an excepted position that requires membership in a compatible military assignment in the National Guard.

Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform.

Acceptance of an excepted position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment.

Applicants who are not currently a member of the National Guard must be eligible for immediate membership and employment in the National Guard in the military grade listed in this announcement.

REMARKS: This position is being advertised as an indefinite appointment and applicant selected may be released at any time.

In the event a permanent employee is accepted for this indefinite position, there will be a change in their tenure from permanent to indefinite.

Indefinite appointments may be made permanent at a late date without competition.

Individual will be advised of his/her rights and benefits to which entitled.

This position is located in the Joint Forces Headquarters-State, Logistics Directorate (J-4/G-4), Surface Maintenance Facility.

The purpose of this position is to perform maintenance production management, to achieve or maintain desired production levels, to serve as an equipment readiness expert for units supported by the facility, and to provide technical guidance and oversight to a lower-graded Production Controller.

DUTY LOCATION : FMS #5, Norfolk, VA 23502 EMPLOYMENT STATUS : Excepted Service Male/Female Enlisted Personnel (E4/SPC-E7/SFC) WHO CAN APPLY: GROUP I - All qualified Male/Female Enlisted Personnel (E4/SPC-E7/SFC) currently employed (permanent) in the Virginia Army National Guard Military Technician Program.

GROUP II - All qualified Virginia Army National Guard Male/Female Enlisted Personnel (E4/SPC - E7/SFC) regardless of employment status (Traditional, Military Technician or AGR).

To be considered as a Group II applicant, proof of appointment/enlistment in the Virginia National Guard must be attached if the appointment/enlistment occurred within 60 days prior to, or during, the advertisement period.

MILITARY ASSIGNMENT : This position is supervised by an E8/MSG.

Grade inversion will not be authorized.

Compatible MOS: Enlisted: 88M Enlisted Career Management Field : 91, 92, 94.

Must be able to obtain and hold an SECRET Security Clearance

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Experience, education or training which indicates the candidate can reason in quantitative terms, communicate orally and in writing in a clear and concise manner, understanding the terminology and data pertaining to repair operations and process characteristics of the production activity.

SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE: Must have at least 24 months experience, education or training preparing job or work orders; scheduling various phases of projects into the production facility; following up to see if work is progressing as planned and arranging for adjustments in materials, machine processes, and work sequencing allowing for changes.

Experience with current automation support programs to input data, provide status of equipment, and monitor job order status, monitor work priorities, requisition repair parts, track repair parts status, etc. QUALITY OF EXPERIENCE: Length of time is not of itself qualifying.

Candidates' experience should be evaluated on the basis of duties performed rather than strictly on the rank of the individual; however, established compatibility criteria/assignments must be followed.

The applicant's record of experience, training, and education must show possession of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to fully perform the duties of the position to be filled.

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