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Pay Range:
$42,678 to $55,486 / Per Year
Job Grade:
Full Time
Apply by: 2017-04-27 Published: 1 year ago

Area of Consideration: Open only to current Georgia Army National Guard Enlisted members.

Position Location: JFHQ- PFO-S&S;, Atlanta, Georgia.

Permanent Change of Station (PCS): PCS is not authorized.

Relocation Incentive: Relocation Incentive is not authorized.

Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP): Acceptance of a Federal Excepted technician position of over 179 days in length will cause termination from the Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP).

Type of Appointment: This is a full-time, Excepted Permanent, dual-status position which requires Georgia Army National Guard Membership.

Job Summary: This position is located in the Property Management Section of the Office of the United States Property & Fiscal Office (USPFO).

The purpose of this position is to ensure property accountability and provide installation supply assistance and instruction t units and activities within the state.

Background Check: Selectee may, at the option of the agency, be required to submit to criminal, credit history, and general background checks which will be evaluated by the agency prior to a final offer of employment and access into the Georgia National Guard Federal Technician or Active Guard/Reserve program.

National Guard Membership: This position requires military membership.

It is designated for Georgia Army National Guard Enlisted incumbent(s) only.

In accordance with ARNG regulations, incumbent performs duties necessary to accomplish military supply technician functions in support of programs essential to state Army National Guard daily operations, training and readiness missions.

As a member of a Georgia Army National Guard unit, you will be required to train with your unit, normally one weekend a month and 15 days of annual training each year.

Georgia Army National Guard units and members are subject to immediate call to federal or state active duty to meet national or state emergencies.

General Experience: Applicant must possess experience in a variety of operations or situations concerned with substance or content of supply actions, requiring ability to decide course of action to take, considering the circumstances or conditions encountered.

Experience using computer and automation systems.

Specialized Experience: Applicant must possess a minimum of 12 months specialized experience conducting extensive searches for required information; reconstructing records for complex supply transactions; and/or provide supply operations support for activities involving specialized or unique supplies, equipment, or parts.

Experience performing routine aspects of supply work based on practical knowledge of standard procedures, where assignments include individual case problems related to a limited segment in one of the major areas of supply management.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs): Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will be further evaluated by the Selecting Official based on the following KSAs considered essential to perform the duties and responsibilities of this position.

Knowledge of a wide range of supply systems, regulations and established techniques to maintain and account for federal assets.

Knowledge to conduct extensive and exhaustive research for required information to reconstruct records to evaluate complex supply transactions.

Knowledge of the UIC organizational procedures, systems and practices.

Knowledge of the regulatory requirements and the unit level to be able to address these same issues at the Supply Support Activity level (MTOE, TDA, BOIP, PBUSE, and SAARS) and to coordinate, facilitate or cooperate with various agencies at state, local or federal level (NGB, DA, DOD, LOGSA etc).

Knowledge of the goals, objectives, work methods and functions of automated logistics program and systems to provide assistance in the interfaces between various STAMIS.

Skill in performing analysis, interaction and providing recommendations based on the systems and personnel that become involved in the process.

Skill in applying the principles and practices of supply management, material storate, inventory, and excess property manaement to prpovide technical assistance and instruction to customers.

Ability to do general analystical tasks, establish recommended actions, correspond verbally or through written reports and do this at multiple levels throughout the state or to other governmental agencies.

Ability to utilize, input and manage data base applications through spreadsheet, word document or various STAMIS prgrams either internally or WEB based.

Open only to current Georgia Army National Guard Enlisted members.

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