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Pay Range:
$52,204 to $67,868 / Per Year
Job Grade:
Full Time
Excepted Service Permanent
Apply by: 2017-04-27 Published: 1 year ago

Area of Consideration: Open only to current, on-board (Perm/Indef) GA ARNG Enlisted Technicians assigned to USPFO.

Position Location: USPFO, Atlanta, GA.

Permanent Change of Station (PCS): PCS is not authorized.

Relocation Incentive: Relocation incentive is not authorized.

Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP): Acceptance of a Federal Excepted technician position of over 179 days in length will cause termination from the Selected Reserve Incentive Program (SRIP).

Type of Appointment: This is a full-time, Excepted Permanent, dual-status position which requires Georgia Army National Guard Membership.

Job Summary: This position is located in the USPFO.

The primary purpose of the position is to provide management with objectively based information to effectively assess the full range of logistical asset accountability of all units/activities within the state.

The purpose is to monitor and ensure effectiveness of operations regarding logistics accountability.

Identifies process, system, and equipment on hand deficiencies by applying defect prevention principles and root cause problem resolution techniques and recommends corrective action for each.

Serves as advisor to the USPFO and his staff members regarding compliance, readiness posturing as relates to accountability, and mission limiting issues.

Background Check: Selectee may, at the option of the agency, be required to submit to criminal, credit history, and general background checks which will be evaluated by the agency prior to a final offer of employment and access into the Georgia National Guard Federal Technician or Active Guard/Reserve program.

National Guard Membership: This position requires military membership.

It is designated for Georgia Army National Guard Enlisted incumbent(s) only.

In accordance with ARNG regulations, incumbent performs duties necessary to accomplish military program analyst functions in support of programs essential to state Army National Guard daily operations, training and readiness missions.

As a member of a Georgia Army National Guard unit, you will be required to train with your unit, normally one weekend a month and 15 days of annual training each year.

Georgia Army National Guard units and members are subject to immediate call to federal or state active duty to meet national or state emergencies.

General Experience: Applicant must possess experience in administrative, professional, investigative, technical or other responsible work which demonstrates analytical ability and a practical and theoretical knowledge of the functions, processes and principles of management and experience using computer and automation systems.

Specialized Experience: Applicant must have at least 24 months specialized experience which has provided a working knowledge of the National Guard organizational structures, functions, procedures, and techniques and experience analyzing, interpreting and developing policies and procedures of local management.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs): Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements will be further evaluated by the Selecting Official based on the following KSAs considered essential to perform the duties and responsibilities of this position.

Knowledge of administrative logistics and physical security regulations and operating procedures and possesses skills in applying fact-finding and investigative techniques (e.g., supply personnel and unit commander interviews, review of work procedures, command supply discipline and financial liability of loss reports, instructions, records, and files) to gather clear-cut factual evidence of compliance with logistics and physical security regulations, directives and local standing operating procedures (SOP).

Knowledge of logistics and supply operations in order to validate status of on hand property and equipment regarding excess property postures, turn-in procedures, equipment/supply receipt procedures, processing statement of charges, posting adjustments to property records, accountability procedures, and review of durable/expendable document registers.

Knowledge and skill of analytical techniques performed through interviews with supervisors, employees, and organizational workforce, including commanders and supply personnel to establish recommended solutions or follow-on actions.

Knowledge in conducting interviews and evaluations, analyzing findings and developing recommendations for corrections or improvements in the evaluated program.

Providing evaluation criteria for studies and evaluations ensuring there are standards to measure effectiveness of individuals and programs

Open only to current, on-board (Perm/Indef) GA ARNG Enlisted Technicians assigned to USPFO.