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Human Resources Assistant (NAF/Recruitment & Placement) NF-03 US Army Civilian Human Resources Agency - Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii $35,920-$47,122 Per Year Human Resources Assistance Job for the US Army Civilian Human Resources Agency in Wheeler Army Airfield, Hawaii. 1. Possess six (6) months of work experience in a human resources profession 2. Demonstrating the capability to perform a variety of recruitment support, employee relations support or personnel action processing functions. 3. Possess prior experience using Microsoft Office Programs (Word, Excel, Pow... Published 4 days ago Apply Now Email Job

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Wheeler Army Airfield

The Wheeler Army Airfield Base is an American controlled and operated Army base located in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Built in 1922 The Wheeler Army Airfield is one of the most prominent Army bases in Hawaii, playing key roles in both World Wars.

Built to mimic the English style of The Garden City, The Wheeler Army Airfield is known for its spacious greenery and Spanish Colonial style living quarters.

This Army base occupies an approximate 1,389 acres of land.

With an estimated 2,829 active employed military personnel living within the Army base, The Wheeler Army Airfield is also one of the biggest Army bases located outside of the United States.

The main operations of The Wheeler Army Airfield consist of air training for Army troops.

The troops located here practice advance techniques and Army drills dealing with Army planes, such as ascending, descending, aerial strikes and aerial combat.